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Augustus 2007

General registration- and payment conditions

Article 1: Registration

  1. We can only accept your registration for programs and workshops through the STEM application form.
  2. Annulment of a registration before a program or workshop has started, is done by written notification. If such a notification is received less than 1 month before the first meeting date, the participant is accountable for the tuition fee of the program or workshop. Of course we will offer the participant the possibility to enter a substitute for the concerning program or workshop.
  3. Annulment by the participant during a program or workshop is not possible.
  4. The registration will be confirmed by the signature on the application form.

Article 2: Conditions of payment

  1. The tuition fees for programs and workshops or are mentioned in the concerning leaflet.
  2. Tuition fees must be paid within 30 days after receiving the invoice.

Article 3: The meetings

  1. The places and dates of the meetings are mentioned in the concerning leaflet.
  2. STEM Techniek and Marketing maintains the right to change the dates and places.
  3. STEM Techniek and Marketing maintains the right to modify the set-up and contents of the programs and workshops.

Article 4: Authors and right of possession on educational tools

STEM Techniek and Marketing has copyrights on the educational tools used during the programs and workshops. These educational tools are exclusively intended for the participants of our programs and workshops. Subject to the exceptions made by law, nothing from the educational tools may be multiplied and/or made public without a written authorisation of STEM Techniek and Marketing.

Article 5: Participation

The participant agrees that the success of the programs or workshops depends on the participants and declares to organize his activities so that he can participate in all meetings. Also the participant declares to be entirely committed to do and send in all assignments.

Article 6: Relevance conditions

By signing the application form the participant declares to have taken notice and accept the conditions in the concerning leaflet. The conditions in combination with the text in the concerning leaflet constitute the whole agreement. Modifications and/or supplements are possible only in a written explanation.