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MarketingExcellenceScan: what you'll get

The MarketingExcellenceScan has been subdivided into two main parts. The first part deals with the commercial implementation of your organization, the so-called marketing effectiveness. The second part deals with successful innovation by creating customer value, also known as value creation. The MarketingExcellenceScan explores the disciplines on both a strategic- and an operational level.


Marketing effectiviness

For our main subject 'marketing effectiveness' we have focussed on the mechanisms which are necessary to run a successful commercial organization. The scan does not examine the question "how successful is our organization with respect to the market? " , but the question “which process or mechanisms does your organization have to influence success?”. The mechanisms which influence marketing effectiveness are:

1. sales effectivitiness;
2. market strategy;
3. competitor strategy;
4. distribution;
5. price fixing;
6. communication.


Ability to create value

For the main subject ‘the ability to create value’ we have focussed on the mechanisms which are necessary to achieve successful value creation.

1. actual status value addition;
2. marktet-oriented culture;
3. market-oriented organization;
4. markt information;
5. marktet driven innovation.


Marketing effectivitness and ability to create value

Implementing the now existing deals with realizing an effective commercial organization to build and defend market positions.
Creating that which is new is about realizing innovations or creating value to get free from the price war and limited PLC’s.

You will also find this balance in the main parts of the scan. The first part of the scan deals with marketing effectiveness. Here we’ll see if your organization makes full commercial use of the developed products and/or services. The second part of the scan deals with successful value creation for your customer.

Necessity to improve your marketing

The necessity to improve your marketing consists of two parts: on the one hand the importance of your competitor intensity on the other hand the importance of your distinguishability.
The scan explores the urgency to improve your marketing.


Wish to know more?

Do you wish to knom more about valua creation and industrial innovation? Than the Industrial Marketing Program might be of interest to you.

This marketing program is intensive and inspiring. Concepts, visions, models and discussion are offered in two modules of each five days, including sessions in the evening. Cases and individual assignments will be used to gain deep understanding of industrial marketing issues.