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Advice about your marketing policy free of engagement!

With the MarketingExcellenceScan you can analyse the level of market orientation of your organization, and get specific advice about options for improvement. Here you can test your market orientation and get concrete advice on the possibilities for improvement. This could be your chance to bring in innovations and revive the balance in your organization.

We would like to invite you to go through the MarketingExcellenceScan. You will be able to see instant results. STEM Industrial Marketing Centre is always at your disposal when you have questions about your marketing orientation.

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STEM Industrial Marketing Centre listens and examines your questions and desire to let your commercial and marketing process contribute even more to your returns. Our passion is supporting you in building a solid market position.

Our experience and expertise can be applicable to a whole range of technically oriented branches of trade like the installation trade, (petro)chemical trade, engineering firms, high tech industry, agricultural sector, supply companies, building companies, wholesale business, metallurgical industry and mechanical engineering.